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Drawing Parallels – Life of Police vs Life of HR

Dear Member, Police officers maintain law and order: protect members of the public and their property; prevent, detect and investigate crime. They are an integral part of the community. HR professionals maintain the culture and value system of the organization: protecting the interests of the employees and management, executing welfare measures, prevent and investigate disciplinary […]

A one of its kind HR Gathering – Register for Participation – 4th May 2012

YES PeopleTech Solutions invites HR Professionals for an elite gathering being organized on account of the Grand Finale of ‘YES Gateway. Participation is strictly on registration only. For registration and more details follow the links below… Event Details: https://www.yesgateway.in Registration & Invite: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B_sTE7Dvf9wpSW42UkZ0SkFqY00

Interesting – you can insert images as a comment in Excel Cell

Hi All, I just wanted to share an information about inserting images as a comment in Excel. If any one is interested to know about this, please send a mail to rajacsn@gmail.com I will send you the relevant file. Thanks & regards, Raja C S N (rajacsn@gmail.com) Sr Trainer / Consultant / Content Creator GLOBALedge […]


Hi, my name is Vasudev from MSSW, I am a second yr student of MSW-HR. I am doing a research on DOWNSIZING. Please help me(if you are an HR professional) by filling the questionnaire through the following link. Thank you. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dDhFSmNLVm5IRklraEpvSTJCTGxiYUE6MQ

Financial Well Being – A call to action

Dear Member, According to a SHRM study on Financial Wellness in workplace 2014, seven out of 10 HR professionals indicated that personal financial challenges have a large or some impact on their employees’ performance, with about one-half reporting that employee stress (50%) and the ability to focus on work (47%) are the aspects of employee […]

Power of Networking

Dear Member, Networking has long been recognized as a powerful tool for business people and professionals. Knowing more people gives you greater access, facilitates the sharing of information, and makes it easier to influence others for the simple reason that influencing people you know is easier than influencing strangers. The creators of LinkedIn, Facebook, and […]

Beliefs & Excellence in NLP

Dear Member, Beliefs are a set of powerful influencers of one’s behaviour and even shape one’s life. Many beliefs operate at the unconscious level. Some of them make our lives and a quite a number of them break. This session will explore from the Neuro-linguistic Programming(NLP) point of view and see how we can turn […]

Managing High Performance & Leadership

Dear Member, For HR professionals, the challenge increasingly is how to do more with less. The driving force behind organizations is people. To that end, the success of organizations largely revolves around the quality of their senior leaders, support functions, and staff. The demands placed on HR to source, develop, and retain quality talent are […]

Relevance of HR in today's context

Dear Member, We conducted the first One day Design Thinking Workshop for our NHRDN Chennai HR Youth Council members on October 31st, 2015. We had close to 20 members participating in the workshop representing different Industry segments. Most of them are new to NHRD and that particular aspect came in handy when they came out […]