Beliefs & Excellence in NLP

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Beliefs are a set of powerful influencers of one’s behaviour and even shape one’s life. Many beliefs operate at the unconscious level. Some of them make our lives and a quite a number of them break. This session will explore from the Neuro-linguistic Programming(NLP) point of view and see how we can turn ourselves from a “Frog into Prince”. NLP offers rapid & practical methods for personal growth and influence. It is the study of how people think, process information & behave. NLP is used extensively in business, sports, sales, education, therapy & many other fields.

In this month’s session the speaker will help understand NLP as an explicit and powerful tool of human experience, excellence and communication which will help us HR professionals to deal with employees and communicate better.

NHRDN Chennai Chapter
“Beliefs & Excellence in NLP”
K Aravamootham
Management Consultant & Corporate Trainer
At 07.00 pm, on Friday, 22 May, 2015
At Hotel Savera, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore


aravamoothamMr. K. ARAVAMOOTHAM is a Management Consultant, Corporate trainer having over 25 years of rich experience in automobile and industrial selling and over 20 years in teaching and training all over India. He is certified Master Gold Trainer of NFNLP, USA. He has conducted several NLP practitioner and master practitioner workshops in the last twelve years. He has trained in NLP under Dr Richard Bandler, Dr William Horton, Dr Richard McHugh, Dr Reza Borr & Mr. Mick Lawrence and has undergone over 200 days of NLP workshop training.

He is a Licensed Workshop Leader of “Love Yourself, Heal Your Life” workshops, based on the philosophy of Louise L.Hay. He is the President of T.A. Study Circle (Madras) and former President of The Hypnotique Circle (Madras)

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Registration Fee of Rs. 400/- will apply to Non-Members attending the program.
Networking over tea begins at 6.30 pm.